If your enquiry is not answered below, please send us an email or sms / phone 0400 243 831, & we can usually provide a response straight away, or at the most within 12-24 hours. We are a family-run business, so after hours & weekend enquiries are fine - we are never too far away!




Q) Can I trust Storage for Students to take good care of my belongings goods while I am away & then return them safely when I arrive back?

A) Absolutely. We have been providing a reliable & secure storage service since 2012 for university students residing & studying in Perth at the University of WA, Curtin University, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, TAFE & various other educational institutions in WA. We have also supplied similar services for students in Melbourne.

We have established relationships with all of the accommodation halls, colleges & villages for these campuses so that they can ensure that we are a reputable & trustworthy company offering an important & dependable service to their residents.

We take special care when transporting all of our customer’s belongings, & store them safely in a clean, secure warehouse in the Perth suburb of Myaree.  


Pretty much anything (except hazardous, or dangerous materials, and goods perishable within 12 months). Typically most students store kitchen utensils, books, clothes, beddings & general household items. Some students have stored flat screen TV’s, bar fridges, & bicycles. If unsure, just contact us with your requirements. We don’t typically store bigger furniture (sofas, beds etc), but please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Please refer to the Our Prices Page on our website. This details the prices for the items you wish to store. If you cannot locate the cost for your item, please contact us & we can provide you with a price.

Or if you prefer, you can also phone us on 0400 243 831 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements & receive an estimated quote.

Some students have found it useful to email us a few pictures of what they require to be stored (even if they haven’t started packing up yet) & we can offer some help as to the type of boxes or space you may need to help you get started, as well as provide you an approximate quote.

PLEASE NOTE: We make regular visits to all campuses throughout the year, especially towards the end of each semester. Therefore, we would be happy to arrange a personal visit to introduce ourselves, to see what you need to store, to explain our services & costs, & to provide you with a quote if you require.


If you are happy with our prices & decide to proceed, we ask you to complete as many details as you can using the our Contact Us Page & email it back to us so we can begin making arrangements with you. Even if you are not packed up or know how much you need to store, its better to let us know with as much warning as you can (preferably more than a week’s notice) when you will require collection, as our schedules fill up pretty quickly at the end of the academic year. We always aim to provide a collection time that is the most convenient for you. However, we realise that study & exams can be distracting, so you may forget that you require storage once you are ready to go home. But the more warning you give us, the more we can fit it with your departure time.


You may realise you need things such as boxes, packing tape & bubble wrap to help you pack up your items. We provide all of these things to make your job as easy as possible. We deliver these to you prior to your departure date & at that time we can also discuss your requirements & provide a quote or estimate.

Boxes & tape are supplied free of charge if you proceed to store or have your items forwarded with us. We can also help you select a range of boxes to help you work out the best way to pack your items.

Please refer to our Packing Tips (PDF). This provides a guide as to how to best prepare your items for storage. We cannot accept loose items, so all of your items must be packed into either a box, bag, container or suitcase, unless the item cannot be easily packed (such as a bar fridge or bicycle). Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you are unsure.

PLEASE NOTE: Each box/bag/suitcase must be labelled (1 of X; 2 of X etc.) We supply you labels prior to your Collection date. All boxes must be fully secured with packing tape.

Weight limit: A weight limit applies of 25kg for suitcase or bag (if of sufficiently strong material) any one item (excepting bar fridges). A weight limit of 20kg applies for a large or medium box. If any items are heavier than these items, we unfortunately cannot accept it for storage until the enclosed items must be separated into separate/additional boxes/bag/suitcase until the weight complies. The store must advise Storage for Students prior to Collection if any items exceed these limits to determine what arrangements should be made. This saves our backs from getting hurt!

Q) Can I use my own boxes?

A) Yes but please ensure they are strong enough to hold your items.

Q) Can I store my own bags, suitcases & other items?

A) Yes but again please ensure they are strong enough to hold your items. Our Terms & Conditions state that we do not refund the cost of damage to your bag or suitcase if they are damaged because they are not robust enough to hold the weight or shape of the items inside.


Q) When do I have to confirm my Collection date & time?

A) We request that you advise us as early as possible. This will help ensure that we can Collect at the date & time you have requested, but we may have to suggest a slightly different arrangement depending on our schedule.
Preference will be given to orders as they are received.

If you advise us of your preferred Collection date & time less than 48 hours beforehand, you may be charged an extra $25 late notice fee.

We will email you the day before your Collection day to reconfirm, & keep in contact with you on the day of Collection to confirm the time we expect to arrive.

Q) Where do I have my items picked for Collection (& Return)?

A) From the entrance of your room. We usually sms you when we arrive at your accommodation so you can provide access for our representative to the entrance of your room to collect your belongings.

We bring trolleys to assist in bringing your belongings from your room to our vehicles.


Q) How & when do I make a payment?

A) Payments can be made by an in-person credit credit or debit card transaction, cash, direct bank deposit (BSB: 016-376, Account number 296584171) or via Paypal (please advise us prior to your collection if you wish to pay by Paypal).

We prefer to confirm the amount you need to pay at the time of collection (not before). This allows us to determine the exact price after you have packed all of your belongings for storage. We also think it fair you should only pay when we have seen you in person, rather than ask for the fee upfront.


Q) Do I need to take out insurance?

We take absolute care of your belongings when transporting & storing, but prefer to give you the option of an

extra piece of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances like a freak weather event etc.

You can insure your items to a maximum value of $3,000AUD. The cost is an additional $10 for every additional

$1,000AUD insured value.


Q) Are my belongings stored in a safe, secure & clean environment until my return?

A) Yes they are. All of our storage facilities are located in safe, secure & cool locations & your belongings are only stored with similar personal items.


Q) What if I don’t know my exact Return date?

A) To ensure we can return your items as close to your Preferred Return date & time, we request that you advise us at least 2-3 weeks before your Preferred Return Date. If we do not hear from you by then, we will send you an email to ask that you confirm your Preferred Return date & time.

Q) What if I wish to change my return date or location?

What happens if my flight is delayed & I need to change my Return date & time at the last moment?

A) Please email or sms us with at least 72 hours’ notice if your Preferred Return date & time or location is to be changed. You will generally not be charged extra fees for any change of Return location within 10km of your originally advised location, or if you wish to change your Return date by more than one week. If you requirements are outside of these conditions, please contact us to discuss.

PLEASE NOTE: A late notice fee of $25 may be applied if you are unable to receive your items as at the date & time you have notified. Therefore, we suggest that you allow for at least 3-4 hours after your scheduled flight arrival time before nominating your Preferred Return date & time. This will allow for flight delays,  transfer through customs, travel from the airport, & checking into your accommodation. If you have left the airport & are on the way to your accommodation earlier than expected, just let us know & we will aim to return your items earlier than originally planned if that is more convenient to you. 

Q) How easy is it to have my items Collected or Returned at my Preferred Collection & Return times?

A) Very easy. We always aim to return your items at the date & time you have requested.

We realise that sometimes you may be still packing right up until the time you need to leave, so we can work with you to adjust your collection time if you need more time.

We also realise that some students may have bedding & other essential items that you need straight away upon your return, so it is our aim to return your items the same day / evening as when you get back to Perth.

We always keep in contact with you on the day to confirm the time of your items Collection or Return.

Q) Can you forward items to a different city, state or country if I decide not to return to Perth, or my return arrangements change?

A) Yes we can, & quite often deal with such a request. We use reputable international freighting companies & will try & get you the best deal, or let us know your preferred shipping provider. We charge you shipping at cost. For this service we usually charge approximately $50-$100 for the extra handling, depending on how much time is involved, but we will confirm the amount after discussing with you your request.

Q) What if I delay my return & require additional storage time?

A) That is fine, but you may be charged additional fees if it changes your storage period as outlined on the Our Prices Page. We request that you contact us with your requirements at least 2-3 weeks before your stated Preferred Return date & we can advise of any extra charges.

Q) What if I return earlier than originally advised, & therefore reduce the amount of time I require my items to be stored, & need them to be returned to me earlier than advised, do I still pay the same cost?

A) You will receive a Refund for any reduction in the total storage time which changes your storage period as outlined on the Our Prices Page.


Q) Are there any extra charges for Late Changes or Missed Collections or Returns?

A) Yes. You must be present to release or collect your items at your advised Collection/Return date, time, and location. Changes to the previously scheduled Collection/Return dates or location must be communicated by the Storer to STORAGE FOR STUDENTS at least 3 days prior to the earlier of the originally scheduled Collection/Return date and the new Collection/Return date. Changes made within 3 days of Collection/Return date are not guaranteed. An additional late change fee of up $25 may be charged.

In the event that the Storer is not present for the Storer’s scheduled Collection or Return date and time, STORAGE FOR STUDENTS representatives will attempt to contact the Storer before returning back to the storage location and the Storer will have to reschedule the Collection/Return. If this happens, the Storer will be responsible for paying a special Collection/Return fee of $50.

We suggest you also visit our Terms & Conditions.